Tourism VISA


  • Original passport + 1 photo compliant with standards
  • 1 completed and signed form
  • 1 Covid-19 medical certificate dated less than 48 hours upon filing (mandatory nasal PCR screening test; it is possible to present the visa application file without the PCR test and send us the test results by e-mail -mail later during visa processing request.) 
  • a copy of the BCG vaccination health record or 1 up-to-date BCG vaccination certificate
  • 1 consent for quarantine and the ‘health condition report formfiled and signed
  • Letter of financial support written by the company in France for the trip and stay (specifying the purpose and duration) and endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce where the Company is registered
  • Personal notarized invitation in Korea
  • Certificate for business registration of the Company in Korea
  • Investment authorization from the Ministry of Finance in Korea
  • 1 copy of proof of residence in France (for European nationals) or copy of visa for entry into France and those of French residence permits obtained (Only foreign nationals who can prove more than 2 years of regular stay in France are eligible to apply for a visa - for non-European nationals) 
  • 1 extract from the criminal record 
  • Cost: 54 euros (check made payable to the Korean Embassy)
  • Deadline: at least 14 working days
  • The request can be made no earlier than 1 month in advance of the date of departure for Korea.
  • The period of validity of the passport must be greater than 6 months at the time of filing the visa application.   
  •  ※ Rate change applicable from January 1, 2014 for nationals of the following countries  
  • 72 euros (single entry visas): Russia, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Iran
  • 90 euros (single entry visas): Senegal
  • 108 euros (single entry visas): Australia
  • 180 euros (single entry visas): Great Britain