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Les plats – Corée du sud


Culinary specialities


Jeon is a fried patty, sometimes even called Korean pizza. The garnish of the jeon is very diverse, ranging from seafood (pajeon) to vegetarian pancakes, including kimchijeon, a pancake made from kimchi. It is served with a mixture of soy sauce and vinaigrette. It’s a bit more expensive than average (around 10 euros), but the jeon is worth the trip.

It is an excellent snack for popular Korean evenings (chain of bars then karaoke): in fact, tradition dictates that we eat it accompanied by (rather several) bowl (s) of makgeolli (you will see what it is). is lower!).


Mandu is a dish of dumplings or dumplings - steamed or fried - stuffed with meat, vegetables or tofu. It’s more of a snack or an aperitif, but there are giant mandu for those with a sweet tooth.


Naengmyeon is a very original dish, and I still can't get used to it. This is a cold soup - really cold because there are big ice cubes - of vermicelli with slices of cucumber and Korean pear, an egg and possibly some meat. The broth is very special and different from any soup I have eaten thanks to the mixture of vinegar, hot sauce, sugar, ice cubes and all these ingredients give it a very refreshing taste.


They look like simple chicken wings, but it's more than that… It's the quintessential Korean snack. There is an infinite number of possible combinations with these Korean fried chickens: hot sauce, fondue, grated cheese, coconut milk, pineapple ... the taste spectrum is therefore quite impressive: sweet, salty, spicy, and on and on! Without forgetting, of course, that the chicken is fried twice, so that it melts in your mouth ... It's cheap, super good, and it makes you happy, so don't hesitate!