General culture quiz about South Korea

Welcome to this general knowledge quiz about South Korea

What is the capital of South Korea?
In South Korea, what currency do we use?
Koreans have their own alphabet, what is it called?
In Seoul, on which river can you practice various water sports?
What is the go-to meal for Korean picnics?
You meet your friend's mother, how do you greet her?
You have a mad desire for bread, you push open the door of a large bakery chain, which is it?
Koreans also eat with chopsticks, but what are they like?
In what year did Korea host the Summer Olympics?
It is a small island in the south of Korea famous for its citrus fruits and black pigs, it is ...
Who was the first president of the Republic of Korea?
About the Republic of Korea, in what year was it founded?
You will find this food on all Korean tables, it is ...