The Lotte group of South Korea, is a chaebeol, that is, a group of Korean companies with cross-shareholdings among themselves. The company was founded in 1967 by Shin Kyuk-Ho. Its core business is agribusiness, but its activities extend to mass distribution, tourism, chemicals, construction, machinery, finance, sport and services.

The name Lotte and its slogan

The origin of the name Lotte, ロ ッ テ written in Japanese Katakana, a syllabary used to transcribe words of foreign origin, therefore does not come from Japanese and no longer from Korean. Shin Kyuk-Ho says he was inspired by the character Charlotte, Lotte by his nickname, from the book The Sufferings of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 

The slogan «  The Darling of your mouth, Lotte, Was also inspired by the book and more specifically Charlotte's eternal love who « is buried deep in the hearts of so many around the world. » 

The Lotte group diversifies its activities into 5 sectors

  • Food industry: Agri-food activities are formed by these companies: Lotte Confectionery, Lotte Chilsung Beverage, Lotte Ham, Lotte Samkang, Lotteria, Lotte Fresh Delica, Lotte Boulangerie Lotte Pharm, Lotte Shopping.
  • Distribution & Tourism: The activities in distribution and tourism are represented by these companies: Lotte Hotel, Lotte DFS, Lotte Hotel Busan, Lotte Shopping, Lotte Mart.
  • Chemicals, construction & machinery: The chemical, construction and machinery activities are represented by: Honam Petrochemical, KP Chemical, Lotte Engineering & Construction.
  • Finance, information & service: The finance, information and service activities are represented by: Lotte Card, Lotte Capital, Lotte Insurance
  • Social activities, support, research & development: Social, support, research and development activities are represented by: Lotte R&D Center, Lotte Human Resource Development Center, Lotte Merchandising Service Center, Lotte Scholarship Foundation, Lotte Welfare Foundation and Lotte Giants.

(Source: Lotte)