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Samsung is a Korean group headquartered in Seoul.

The company is known worldwide and marks its presence in a large number of markets such as household appliances and mobile telephony. Samsung has many subsidiaries and works with nearly 500,000 people around the world. Here is a portrait of an Asian company that has become essential.

A look back at the brand's past

The Samsung company has been in existence since 1938. Its name means three stars. Originally, the company was based in Daegu and worked in trading with local grocery stores. In 1947, the offices were moved to Seoul. Then amid the Korean War, Samsung returns to its hometown. Over the years, the company continues to diversify. Samsung will be the market leader in wool, sugar, insurance, commerce and even security. In the 1960s, Samsung attacked the electronics industry and then the telecommunications market. The brand is particularly active in the market for televisions, telephones, faxes and later, it successfully attacks the market for mobile phones and tablets. Today, Samsung is the only brand that can really compete with Apple.

Samsung's diversity

Samsung is a particularly diverse brand. We find her in the world of mobile telephony with her famous Galaxy. Samsung also shines in the market for tablets and connected objects in general. But that's not all. Samsung offers televisions, cameras and camcorders. The Korean brand is also established in the IT market where it stands out thanks to printers, screens, storage tools such as USB keys or memory cards.

Samsung’s other big business is the home appliance market. The brand offers a wide range of refrigerators, freezers, ovens, hotplates, hoods and even microwaves. At the same time there are also washing machines and tumble dryers.

The brand's philosophy

Samsung is a company at the forefront of innovation. To distinguish itself, the company works with researchers and developers. Thanks to a team of professionals recognized for their know-how, Samsung manages to offer products designed to make our daily lives easier. To meet the needs of society today, Samsung is working on sustainability. It has a civic and responsible attitude towards its human resources and the environment.

New technologies are the strength of the brand at all levels, whether for smartphones (Galaxy S6) or for washing machines (Eco Bubble Technology).

Samsung in numbers

Samsung is a giant. The company works with 489,000 employees worldwide. Its turnover in 2015 was 153.70 billion euros. The company spends more than 10 billion euros each year to support research in universities and, why not, then hire the best people.

Samsung is the leader in the mobile telephony market ahead of Apple and LG. The Korean company has 26.8% of the market share or 324.8 billion phones sold.

(Source: Samsung)