Thewinter from late November to early March can be really Siberian, especially in the north of the country where temperatures drop very quickly. Getting around is sometimes difficult due to snowfall. However, the winter activities are diverse and you will come across many very pleasant resorts.

In spring, the weather alternates between heat, extreme cold and rain. This is the time of flowering. The flowers reappear including the famous cherry trees. The landscape is wonderful.

In summer you will meet the monsoon. From July, the heat can become heavy. The monsoon brings torrential rains, high humidity and extreme heat in August. Despite this, many tourists enjoy this period of seaside joys.

Theautomn is the ideal season to visit Korea. It is still warm enough during the day to go swimming in the resorts and the nights are cool enough to sleep well. It was also the time of many festivals across the country.

Good season:
Spring and autumn are the mildest seasons. We particularly recommend the months of September and October to make the most of your trip to Korea.