The 10 most large cities of South Korea

South Korea has two major cities. First, the capital Seoul, which has 10 million inhabitants and is surrounded by many large cities such as Incheon (2.8 million inhabitants).

The second largest city is the famous Pusan ​​(Busan in French), known for its fish market and magnificent Buddhist temples. It is the only city that remained permanently under South Korean control during the war. Having undergone a strong migration during the war, it preserves immense districts which resemble slums.

Top Ten of cities

Rang Ville 2015
1 Séoul 9,904,312
2 Busan 3,448,737
3 Incheon 2,890,451
4 Daegu 2,466,052
5 Daejeon 1,538,394
6 Gwangju 1,502,881
7 Suwon 1,194,313
8 Ulsan 1,166,615
9 Changwon 1,059,241
10 Goyang 990,073