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Les informations pratiques – Corée du sud

Key Information

Inspection upon entering the territory

All foreign visitors over the age of 17 entering Korean territory are required to undergo a biometric face and fingerprint check at all ports and airports in the country. Members of foreign governments, employees of international organizations and their families, and persons invited by the Korean government are exempt.

Entry inspection formalities via the immigration checkpoint 

Waiting for public inspection foreign nationals (enter by following the red line) → Presentation of passport and arrival card for inspection (17 years old and over must present their fingerprint and face) → Authorization to enter the territory

Registration and procedure for automatic inspection entering and leaving the territory

※ Foreigners over the age of 17 who are registered (stay longer than 90 days) in Korea can use the service. Short-term visitors should use the immigration checkpoint.

  • – How to perform the automatic inspection? : X-ray passport examination → Entry → Identification via fingerprints → Identification via facial features → Control completed
  • ※ From July 10, 2019, short-term foreigners over the age of 17 (who presented their fingerprint and face when entering Korean territory) can use the automatic inspection service (only the airports of Incheon, Gimhae, Gimpo, Jeju and Daegu / Busan port are affected).   

Prepare your documents

In order to facilitate and speed up the procedures for entering the territory, it is recommended that you fill out the forms distributed by the crew members beforehand on the plane.

  • 1. Arrival card
    Foreign visitors who have completed registration (for a long stay of more than 90 days) with the entry and exit office are not required to complete the arrival card.
  • 2. Customs declaration form
    Must be completed and presented for all visitors entering Korea. Fill out one form per person, but in case you are with family, you can fill out only one form. (If you have something to declare, you need to complete two forms: one needs to be checked and confirmed by the customs officer of the country of arrival and the other is to be given to the staff of the airline that you have When your shipment arrives at the airport, staff will hand your form to the customs clearance officer.
  • 3. Quarantine questionnaire
    Must be completed for all passengers who have traveled to an area affected by contagious diseases such as cholera, yellow fever or plague.